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Tyler Becker - Alaska Moose Hunt Hunting

Glassing for moose
Tyler Becker hunted moose with his father, Jeff during sepember, 2014.
Tyler and Jeff Becker with moose trophy
Tyler Becker pictured with his father Jeff
and Tyler's trophy Alaskan Moose
In this video Tyler's bull is seen sparing with another bull.
During the stalk the large bull came to a call within 25 yards
Tyler poses with antlers
Eating Luch by the Kill
Time for a hot lunch before the real work begins.
Recovered Nosler Bullet
Expanging to more that twice its original diameter, this 165 grain Nosler Partition
fired from a .300 Winchester Magnum at 25 yards performed well.
Client with Moose
Father and Son Backpacking
Jeff and Tyler Becker are pictured here with their backpack camps

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