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Logan Lefler's Alaska Sheep Hunting Pictures

logan with Ram
Logan Lefler with his 12 year old, double-broomed ram.
Sheep Hunters in Steep Mountains
This steep mountain drainage contained several spread-out groups of three to seven rams. It took several days of
patient hunting to locate, sneak past, climb above, relocate, and then wait for Logan's ram to move into accessible terrain.
Mountain Red Sunset
Logan with Trophy Sheep
Backpack Sheep Hunting
A good FRAME backpack is important on a sheep hunt.
Logan back at the raft
After packing back to the raft, we floated downstream to an airstrip where we could be flown to a base-camp.
The mountain where Logan got his ram is in the background.
Lynx on River Bank
This big lynx sat on the river bank and watched us silently drift by.
Minutes after arriving at this gravel bar airstrip, Max lands in the Super Cub to pick up Logan.
Hunter in Bushplane
Base Camp Trophies
Here is Logan with his ram horns back at base camp where he waited for his father, Rick Lefler, to finish up hunting.

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