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Our hunts are conducted mostly in the Alaska Range (unit 20, 20A) and Talkeetna Mountains ( units 13 and 14) .

We offer true wilderness adventure hunts in the far reaches of Alaska's unspoiled places. The terrain consists of broad river valleys surrounded by mountains with spruce and birch forests, interspersed with muskegs in the lower elevations and open tundra higher up. The mountain valleys with rivers, lakes and glaciers are beautiful and pristine. You will be sharing your surroundings with a variety of wildlife including moose, grizzly bears, Dall sheep, caribou, wolf, wolverine, eagles, otters, waterfowl and many other creatures. Salmon spawn in the rivers and the trout, grayling and char are there as well.

The following are photos from the areas where our Alaskan hunts are conducted.

Alaska hunting area with mountains and moose meadows

Alaskan Hunts

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