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Andrew Harvey's Alaska Range Moose Hunt

Andrew up on the moose lookout.

Andrew Harvey, from New South Wales, Australia, hunted moose in the Alaska range during the fall season of 2014.

Meadow Sunset with autumn colors
Moose pass through a meadow just before sunset.
Moose antler scrape
These small spruce trees bear the evidence of antler scraping.
Andrew Harvey
Andrew Harvey with his Alaska-Yukon moose.
With the rut in full swing, bulls without cows cant help but investigate calls.
Even with the hunters in plain sight, this bull does a double-take after hearing a cow call.
panoramic of rolling hills under blue sky
Moose hunter sitting by campfire with antlers
bald eagle on perch
A bald eagle watches over the moose harvest from a nearby perch.
Snow-covered hilly landscape photographed from bush-plane.

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